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What is molecular sieve

With the deepening of molecular sieve synthesis and application research, researchers have discovered phosphoaluminate molecular sieves, and the framework elements (silicon or aluminum or phosphorus) of molecular sieves can also be composed of B, Ga, Fe, Cr, Ge, Ti, V, Mn, Co, Zn, Be, and Cu are substituted, and the size of the pores and cavities can reach 2 nm or more. Therefore, molecular sieves can be divided into silicon-aluminum molecular sieves, phosphorus-aluminum molecular sieves and framework heteroatom molecular sieves according to the composition of the framework elements; According to the pore size, molecular sieves with pore sizes less than 2 nm, 2-50 nm and greater than 50 nm are called microporous, mesoporous and macroporous molecular sieves, respectively.
With the continuous development of the chemical industry, molecular sieves in the chemical industry have received a lot of attention, and more and more companies have applied molecular sieves. The molecular sieve industry has been favored by many people, and some professional companies have come to the fore.
Because it contains metal ions with a lower electricity price and a larger ion radius and water in a combined state, water molecules are continuously lost after heating, but the crystal skeleton structure remains unchanged, forming many cavities of the same size, and the cavities have many diameters. The same micropores are connected. These tiny pores have uniform diameters, which can adsorb molecules smaller than the pore diameter into the inside of the pores, while repelling molecules larger than the pores, so that molecules with different shapes and diameters can be excluded. Molecules with different degrees of polarity, molecules with different boiling points, and molecules with different degrees of saturation are separated, that is, they have the function of "sieving" molecules, so they are called molecular sieves. Molecular sieves are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electronics, petrochemical, natural gas and other industries.



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